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Bug Report demo v7.2 and Ideas, Dev. please read.


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Dear samplitude developers and users,

Here's a buglist and ideas. I've been using the demo now for some time and consider myself quite an

expert :D . Here goes..

Bugs (or non-implemented features that are mentioned in the help):

1. Zooming by double clicking a range, doesn't work/excist (mentioned in help)

2. Zooming out in the VIP by double clicking in upper part of a track, doesn't work/excist (mentioned in help)

3. Can't select objects when in universal mouse mode or object and curve mode by lasso dragging from RIGHT to LEFT. This only works with object mouse mode. Not really a bug but an Incredibly stupid 'feature'.

4. Can't see plugin names in object editors first 2 FX slots when using the 'mini' mode.

Ideas: Developers, please read.

Idea 1.

Bounce trough internal 96k resampling (ie. oversampling) option when doing the final mixdown. This would make samplitude resample all audio objects to 96khz and make the whole project 96khz during final mixdown and then it would downsample it with the selected fidelity back to the original samplerate.

This would give all the plugins much higher fidelity and eliminate aliasing in most cases. Especially VST instruments would benefit from this. I know it would take much longer to bounce but it would be worth it. All the plugin EQs, including the samplitude one, sound MUCH better at 96khz or more. Together with the extensive freeze functions this would make it possible to complete truly amazing quality mixes with a Laptop and a set of good headphones anytime and anywhere in the world!

If this is not possible atleast implement an automatic 'resample all audio' option when changing samplerate in the project information.

Idea 2.

Please implement a Relative Snap to Grid/Bar option. Having snap set to 1 beat/bar and moving an object that starts from middle of the beat/bar would NOT snap the object to the next closest beat/bar line but instead MOVE it exactly 1 beat/Bar forward keeping the relative distance to the grid. (Pro Tools 6 got this now, Logic Audio has ALWAYS worked like this and is the main reason a lot of people think it's extremely logical and fast to use, this is especially important when using a MIDI editor, aka piano-roll). Ideally this mode would be assigned to a toggle key for quick on/off controll.

Idea 3.

Make tracks 'polyphonic' when it comes to giving a time based effect (delay, reverb) to objects. That is, not having the Reverb tail cutout when the next object starts playing. This is especially critical for delays, which would make it possible to add nice delays to individual words without making a new track (would finally make the object based editing concept complete and extremely powerful). NOTE: I know it's possible to use the Aux sends but it's much too laboursome to open tons of Aux channels to do special effects (like giving each syllable of a spoken phrase it's own delay line). Also, would it be possible to include a Pre fader Aux send to the object editor? Now as it is I can't send a clean voice to a reverb/delay if I have a distortion FX on the object.

Idea 4.

Include a skin with coloured knobs like in the help document! Much easier to find stuff quickly in the object editor and mixer.

That's it for now,



PS. and yes, I am saving money to get this amazing application, I just need to see it 'mature' some more in the MIDI department (7.2's midi is in about the same state now as Nuendo v1.xx was, aka useless for real work).

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