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Ok folks this is my first post. I will start by admitting that I know almost nothing but I have read ther manual. Here is my problem.

I created a vip called 8 Track Template that has all my settings, labels, levels and configs set up. My vip template works great and the playpacks sounded very good as they were without any real proceessing. I spent all day today recording nine songs using the following steps.

Open the 8 Track Template.vip - record the song - go to "save project as" - give it a name - close the project - open 8 Track Templat.vip again - record another song and repeat as many times as there are songs.

Here is my problem. After the ninth song and time for lunch, I decided to see what one of the earlier songs sounded like. I went to open vip and even though it had the proper file name the song that played back was the last one we just did. It turned out that all nine songs were the last one we just did, but each had its own uniquie name.

My question is simply this; how do you save the file so the data doesn't just get overwritten when you start a new song?

I have scoured the manual and I am very confused about what to do. I just want to save each song with a unique name so that it can be post processed later and burned to CD. Seems simple to me but I can't figure it out. PLEASE help.

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hmm, as long as your doing everything as you say, you should be ok.

But, if you open the "R" recording dialog, there is a place to put path and name of new recordings/takes.

Make a folder for each song so all data for each is in its' own folder. Also....Open 8trk Template and save-as BEFORE you start recording.

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