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Lost ASIO buffers etc

Guest Stian

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Trying out the 7.21 demo, but can not get it to be nice...

Using a Lynx Two card, fast pc with plenty of RAM. Samplitude loses ASIO buffers no matter if I have audio in the project or not. And if I have audio in there, it doesn't matter how many tracks there are. No effects, vst or directX loaded. Tried about every buffer setting I could find. Overall, Samplitude acts very sluggish to commands.

Any ideas out here? I was especially looking forward to checking out how the midi part of Samp is developing.

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Nobody having lost asio sync problems with LynxTwo and Samplitude 7.21? The demo should be the same as the full program, only with limited functionality, or could it be the demo version only that's causing this? Just enabling any Lynx output causes dropout heaven....

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