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Samp 7.2 and midi

Guest Dali

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I have a few questions.

1. When I draw midi notes in midi editor (on grid) when zooming in VIP, notes are not showed on grid.

2. If I make midi loop object (let's say for click). After a a while (lets say 1min) click from midi track (loop object) is not in synced with audio click anymore. If I only copy midi objects (not build loop object) sync with audio click is fine.

3. When changing tempo with option Keep Musical positions on tempo changes with Marker positions. Not all markers are placed exactly where they should be.

4. SOLO on VSTi output track should SOLO midi track too. In case you have multi VSTi outs and press solo on one VSTi output chanel you must manualy press SOLO on midi chanel too.

4. I had very bad midi timing using Battery VSTi only for click. Could hear it, every time on same position, though note was on grid. Then I disabled all midi functions and turn it back on and then it was OK. Kinda scarry if it happens when people are in studio.

5. If I play midi file with a VSTi and then use RoomSimulator, VSTi and Audio are not synced anymore. I assume it's because Roomsimulator's latency compensation. If everything is delayed because of Roomsimulator's latency compensation i think MIDI should be also.

I opened midi file and loaded VSC VSTi. Midi file was playing and then I recorded Vocals. When I loaded Roomsimulator, vocals and Midi were not synced anyomore. I had to use plugin reverb :huh:

6. Apart from that, Samp really rocks !!! :rolleyes:

I'm looking forward for your answer

Thank you

Best Regards,


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