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I Just Got Samplitude and I'm lost

Guest Guest_Leyenda Productions

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Guest Guest_Leyenda Productions

the Samplitude box that i got it says " Samplitude" Pro Audio Mastering and Editing 6.0 MASTER"

so when i read the back of the box it says that i'm only able to use 4 tracks and that's it?

and that Samplitude Studio is a Multi-tracking software... what's going on i bought this from audiomidi.com did i get the right version?

i have not used the software yet i want to make sure that i got the right one

i got the crossgrade from Nuendo to Samplitude can anyone help please.

i thought it was a multitrack software with up to 999 tracks?what i was getting?

also how do i register this Software my DAW does not have acces to the internet cause i dont like my daws to acces the internet.

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Samplitude Master version 6.0 was a 4 track mastering version of Samplitude with all effects and editing features. This product line was discontinued with version 7. Maybe it´s an old version 6, wich have survived in the store , but you should look inside. Our US sales from XVision have repacked the version 7 CDs and manuals with some old boxes.

You can register Samplitude 7 on another computer, linked to the web.

Here is a tutorial: http://www.samplitude.com/de/registration_tutorial.htm

Write down the link (or copy and paste it to a text file) from the activation dialog and enter it in the browser. A site with the online registration should appear. Enter your data (your e-mail and password for the support area). You will get an activation number. Use this number in the Samplitude activation dialog and thats it. You will also get an e-mail with your registration data and support area access data.

Inside the support area you can register yourself for the support forum and post your questions there.

Welcome on board


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