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Sam 7.21 bugs or not?

Guest Dali

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1. Snap to grid active. Snaping object to beat and zooming full IN. Object start is not shown exactly on beat but one sample ahead . Why ?

2. Audio click. Sometimes First beat just stops playing. I have to restart Samp or reload First beat's sample again.

3. Crossfades :rolleyes:

I took 9 tracks of a drum recording session and tryed to do a manual Beat Detective session. I splitted all objects at hitpoints and placed them to grid. I streched object to avoid gaps. When I apply 5ms crossfades to all objects, pops are still there. Why?

How can I make multiple crossfades for whole selection and not just one row? In Nuendo there's simple X and it crossfades all objects within selection. Is there similar function in Samp?

Thank you

Best regards,


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