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Samplitude 7.11 - How to copy automatisation data?

Guest Bart

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Hi Ladies, Hi Gents,

currently I`m mixing my newest projekt in Samplitude 7.11 and I havent found out how to copy automatisation data from one part of a track to another (for example volume automatisation)....

... does anybody know how to do this??

Of course I already checked the manual ...

... my 7.11 manuall says nothing about this point... I downloaded the new 7.2 Version and the 7.2-manual says, that it is possible with the selection tool, but doesnt specify how...

... unfortunately the copy/paste-options are disabled in the context-menu and in the menubar while use the selection tool (and having a few automatisation points selected).... neither the SHIFT/STRG/ALT+x key- combination nor the SHIFT/STRG/ALT+Mouse works!!

what do I do wrong?? I already tried the other samplitude tools - none of them works....



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