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HEEEELP - How to copy automatisation?

Guest Bart

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Hi guys,

any ideas about how to copy volume-automatisation data of one part of a track to another??

Thats a really important feature to me, but after hours of searching I believe this feature is missing in samplitude?? At least the manual says nothing about howto do it and I cant figure it out.... :rolleyes:

HELPP! :huh:



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Just select a range (or do a selection in the source track), with the desired automation data, select the track, hit CTRL+C. Now select the new track and CTRL+V. Delete the aldo copied object, if you don´t need it there.


Select "Connect curves with objects" in the toolbar and move the object. Delete the object, if you don´t need it there.

You can copy only Volume/Pan this way. VST automation data need a plugin/VSTi. Copy and insert the complete track with plugin and automation curves.



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