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Multitrack live

Guest Ed R

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I just got my sam pro up and running yesterday so to say I'm a newbee is an understatement *L* Havn't had time to read the whole manual let along digest and understand how to Implement

everything, so how can I get 8 mono tracks recording live via mic's

into a new VIP in Samplitude, I'm using a multiface,8 various

pre's api,amek,etc. wP4 /3.0 800fsb, 1024ddr, bla bla PC. I tried and I only seem to be able to set up tracks in pairs 1+2. 3+4, 5+6, 7+8 etc, I know I'm missing something. Thanks for any Help!


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Device I/Os are combined in pairs. A Samplitude track is by default a stereo track, so you have to configure it to mono, if you want to use only one input/output for one track.

Choose Mono L (left) in the track setup dialog of the first track (click on the track name) and Mono R in dialog of the second track. Now you can choose Multiface input 1 for track one, Multiface input 2 for track 2 and so on. If you need this configuration very often, configure a VIP and save it as a template. Name it "My Mono setup 8 I/Os" etc.

Mono setup problems were discussed very often in the reg. forum in the past (use the search option with Mono or Devices). There should be also a crowd of expierienced mono setup users. Good luck.



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