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Guest Stan Kelley

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yes and no...

is the buzz American or European?

is it on a single track? is it a 2-track master?

if it's 60 cycle hum then you know where most of it is already.

You can use the spectralizer with a part of the program material that doesn't have anything but the buzz and see exactly where it is. You can then use the FFT filter to try and remove as much as you can without harming the rest of the material too much.

it can also be a lesson not to record those nasty buzzes from the get-go. Single coils next to a computer monitor? A ground buzz from not using a DI and subsequent groung lift with a piezo pickup? come on man... more information please...

you can edit out most of the buzz when there isn't material playing with standard editing after you know how to diminish the buzz under the needed material.

good luck,


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Guest Stan Kelley

This is from a live concert recording I have on a cdr and want to try to get rid of the noise. I was given this software by a friend a was hoping that it was good for noise reduction. Have never used the software before.

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