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(Problem requires longer explanation)

I use MTC synchronisation of my hardware sequencer (Roland MC-80) as master with Samp 6 as slave to record audio. Adding some loops to the recording in Samplitude means to activate the Bars/Beats-Grid. When I record a long audio sequence (f.i. 100 measures), then, after 30 measures, the position of the beats of the audio material begins to differ slightly from the Samplitude-Grid. To me, that means that the internal clock of the MC-80 and Samplitude differs a little (can that be that much?). That wouldn't be the case, so.

BUT: When I try to start to record the next track for instance at measure 40, Samplitude doesn't start in the exact position of measure 40 of the previously recorded material, but starts at its own Grid which means that the new material is not in sync with the other track!!

Sometimes I fit the Grid in the Bars/Beats dialogue to the recorded audio (for a Track the sequencer is set to 92 bpm I have to set the Samplitude Grid to 91,8xxxx bpm). But now, when I start a recording not from the beginning (measure 40 f.i.), Samplitude will start to late! WHY IS THIS SO? No way to sync the stuff properly?

Does anyone know about this problem or has it himself? Now, I always have to friggle around a long time...



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