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Strange behaving


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Hello to all and great that I found this forum. Guys, I am new with home recording, so please bear with me about my questions.

Guys, help me with this problems. I use Samp v. 7. All was going fine but since I got the M-Audio USB DUO Card, I am having diferent situations/problems with Samplitude. (I was recording before or testing using a Sound Bluster Live with no problems. Then I started to get motivated to do more serious recording with my new Laptop. (Toshiba Satellite P20 - 304) P IV 3000 mhz - 60 GB hard disk, more than 500 mb ddr working memory - nVidia GO 64, etc.

For example:

1. I can´t monitor the mic or guitar, there is no sound when I try to sing or play instruments using the inputs from the DUO. However, signal shows up in Samplitude but there is no reproduction/sound of this signal back to the monitors.

2. Making some voice recording tests, without hearing anything, but sure that I am recording, when I try to play all together, the recorded voice has another tempo, another pitch and so on. I have tried all settings in the audio freference with no results at all. The old recordings were at 24 bits and recording now in 24 as well I get another pitch, tempo.

3. There is no way that I can route properly the inputs from the DUO to Samplitude and that I can hear what I do through these inputs from the DUO.

4. I have a lot of hiss noise in my speakers. I connect the outputs of the DUO into the input of my home amplifier from SONY(It´s not a studio monitor, but a brand new domestic CD amp.) and from the Amp, cables go to the speakers. Then when I bring up level up, there is a lot of hiss, in other words, I have to have the level control from the amp in order to have as minimun as noise possible.

5. The personal from M-Audio, very helpful and always willing to help, have told me a couple of tips with no results, such as, disconnecting the net adaptor and to test only the laptop with batteries and to check if the noise is gone. The noise is the same using batteries.

6. When I press the Phanton button in DUO, it produces for about 3-5 seconds a sound like robotic or electro sound with effect on the speakers.

In fact, I am very frustrated for buing so many things(included Samp) and not be able to do anything.

If you can help me, (detailed info) I will apreciate it a lot.

many greetings :rolleyes:

EMAIL: al.hdez@rocketmail.com


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