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Guest GTBannah

Hi there, folk,

I downloaded the Samp Demoand had a ball playing with the audio effects.

I'm really excited about the multi-band stereo enhancer .... EARGASMIC!!

I like the limiter, reverbs etc. They could do with an "undo" switch .... minor inconvenience.

The challenge I face is with MIDI.

I was able to import a MIDI file both ways: all on one track, as well as split to separate tracks, and everything played back fine. I recorded a track, but when I played it back, either the click (metronome) was behind, or the track was ahead. I don't know which, but the first note of the track was cut off.

When I tried to record a second track the timing was even worse.

What am i missing? The "Help" file is not deep enough on this matter.

I ask my more experienced team mates for assistance.

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I had exactly the same problem with the metronome being out of time when I tried the demo awhile back.Unfortunatly I didn't get any response to the problem...I even posted on the SEKD newgroup to no avail so I gave up trying the demo.I get the impression that the majority of users only use the Audio side which seems to be pretty comprehensive. But I need something that is equally as good with midi and VSTi's and I think this side is still in it's infancy compared to Logic and Cubase etc. In fairness Norman was very responsive to ideas and suggestions regarding the new drum editor they are developing. Thats why I continue to to monitor the forum. In the meantime I am continuing using Logic .


Martin B

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