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ATTN> Developers...

Guest Brock

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Hey guys...

First of all let me take a quick second to remind you that my NFR 7.x has not shown up yet.

On another forum the suggestion was brought up to embed the code of software onto a PCI card, upgradable via flashing...

This seems to me to be the ideal way of preventing software piracy as well as not having to punish legitimate users in the process.

Very simple. Cheeper than a dongel after initial design costs.

How many cracked coppies of the UAD plugs are out there?

consider this. It seems very elegent and effective to me.

What say ye?



P.S. please email for shipping instructions...

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Guest GTBannah

Quite an interesting approach, Brock.

How many PCI cards would we need, however? We use three or four applications as we work, so we're looking at seven PCI slots on the MOBO, or external PCI adaptors ....

Worth looking at ....

Comments, anyone else?

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This would simply not work for laptops!

However, a USB or firewire flashable dongle would (which is not a new idea). The problem with USB dongles is they DON'T work well with laptops. I have broken them off on mine in the past. The only way around it, is to use an extension cable, which means more shit to carry other than the laptop.

Perhaps a better idea would be to use Secure Digital or Compact Flash cards. They can stay in the laptop forever (via a PCM/CIA adaptor, be encripted, and only accessible via Magix' flash program. All other writing or copying could be prohibited.

Also, USB SD and CF readers are currently so cheap, they could even be included with the programs.

However, some clever hacker will eventually hack it, but it COULD slow them down a bit....expecially if each update used a different encription code.

Oh well, just my 2 cents worth......Back to the thinktank, folks.

Oh, and please, nobody steal my ideas, I will sue you! :rolleyes:

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That's a good idea.

I think some sort of hardware solution that actually contains the code and not just a copy protection scheme. I guess I'm not really sure what protocol would be universal and would work for this without undue strain for the user.

I can see the issue with pci slots.

Back to the think-tank indeed.

Ahh well. Seemed like a good idea.



P.S. Still no word on my free copy Norman/Volker. I'll buy you a beer! If I can borrow a few bucks that is...

I should at least get a poster or something I think...




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Still no word on my free copy Norman/Volker. I'll buy you a beer! If I can borrow a few bucks that is...

Don´t think, they will read here. Norman has ended all communication and works on other projects. Volker writes only in the registered forum.

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