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automation limits?

Guest charlie

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automation of the mixer is one of the limits of Samplitude right now in my opinion.

I believe we will see this enhanced in 8.x...

There is a wish list of some basic house cleaning that needs to be done with Samplitude and I know the developers are aware of it.

PS. As far as mutes go, there really is no reason to automate those. It is much more efficient and convenient to use the Object based editing of Samplitude in the arrange window (VIP) to do those chores. Automation of effects such as verb and delay can be accomplished by using an aux bus and automating the fader.

Still, I'm with you. I want automation of all mixer hoodgie-hodges. Eq especially.

Right now the limit is indeed pan and volume other than the work-around for aux sends that I just spoke of.

Mutes though. That's really best handled on the object level. Just split a new object out of the section you would like to mute and bring the volume handle down. The automatic crossfade should make it to where you can't hear the "mute" at all. not like missing a mute on a console during mixdown by a skosh.



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Guest Guest

The only plug (for me) that hasnt worked with vst automation is Waves.

I think there will (should) be another patch,...probably a final patch a month or 2 (or more) before the new release is announced. A patch to bring 7.xx to "its" perfection (or close to it), then...8.0 but we have months to go yet.

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