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Guest charlie

Ok I'd better ask first what is the recommended PC CPU power for running Samp? I can't find the recommended spec on the site anywhere. I suspect I'm probably right at the bottom of the scale. My PC is twin cpu 600Mhz Plll and I think the only reason I get reasonable results is that I have 2 processors but I suspect I really should get my DAW way above 1GHz. Comments please?

My concern is that with my Lynx 1 card I'm finding it very difficult to get the latency down to a point where the application feels responsive. I've got over a seconds delay when I move the fader or switches and I'm just mixing 2 simple tracks for testing purposes - no effects. If I move the master fader quickly the sound is delayed and when it does follow it jumps and slightly distorts. Also if I press the FFT button on the master channel the sound glitches momentarily as the FFT display window comes up. If I really increase the buffers I can stop this but everything gets really sluggish. My asio control panel is currently set at 1024.

I also heard there was a problem with the Lynx and a friend you also has a lynx gave me some lynx dll files for compatibility which I installed but I do know those file were from an earlier version of Samplitude. I'm running the latest demo so maybe I shouldn't have installed those files. I'm not sure whether they are Magix files or Lynx files but they were deffinitely to overcome a problem between the Lynx h/w and Samplitude and are about 12 months old. Maybe my PC is just too underpowered?

Any experienced advice greatly appreciated.


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Guest Helper

There was a reference system in the registered user forum.

- P4 3 GHz (HT)

- FSB 800

- Board: Asus P4C800 or P4P800 (Intel 865/875 chipsets)

- RAM: 1 GB Dual channel (2x3500 512 MB)

- HD: WD 120 or 200 GB 8 MB Cache, Seagate Barracuda SATA

- Power Supply: Zalman ZM400A-APF or Antec True 480P

- Graphic card: ATI Radeon series (with dual monitor support)


- RME Hammerfall (DSP)

- LynxTwo

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Guest charlie

Thanks for the reference system. That will be my next DAW I'll build. I have since found out the problem this morning. It was partly the underpowered PC but also I had made a mistake in the audio settings option of having the inernal resolution set at 32 bits and then having the Device resolution /Driver communication at 24 bits. I changed the latter to 32 bits to match the internal res setting and the whole system "woke up". Much better all round although I still suspected the PC is underpowered. So I have just installed the demo on my wife's PC upstairs (she'll kill me if she finds out), its a new 2 GB with Asus MB and 500 MB ram.

Just using the internal c-media chipset built into the MB for test purposes and setting the driver to WDM with the 32 bit-32 bit setting as described above................ HOLY SHxT!!. The thing is flying with the buffer number set at 2. It almost feels like no latency in real-time and I can bang the FFT in and out with no impact on the audio - even changing the presets - wham instant changes.

I can't tell you how relieved I am cos' I love Samplitude. The interface and the ergonomic is just the sweetest bowl of strawberries and cream . I've spent the last several weeks looking for a new stable DAW and I went round the houses. The app I really like for real-time no latency was SAW Studio. The mixer engine in that is unbelieveable but frankly I couldn't stand the screen and the interface and lack of latest features. I knew Samplitude would be the one the first moment I saw the display, the mixer and felt the ergonomics. I just love the user interface and the sound quality is as good as SAW. I just needed to be reassured on this latency thing before I made my final choice. This app rocks I mean it just frickin' rocks!

BTW guys want to hear a joke? And this is the is the godamn honest truth. I also evaluated Nuendo versions 1.6 and 2.0.x. by getting a loan for 24 hours from a friend who is a registered user (and is pissed off with it). Well you know how Steinberg hasn't got a "great" reputation re. bugs and stability. Well both Nuendo systems blue screened my Windows XP system within 10 seconds of Nuendo booting up from the start menu. Every damned time that mxxxxr fxxxxr trashed XP. And you want to know why? Because I'm running a DUAL cpu MB system (which admittedly in hindsight I've learnt isn't the smartest thing to do for a DAW but Sonar SAW Samp work on it), and Steinberg have never bothered to check i/o handling compatibilty of their stuff with dual pentiums. That's how great their software development team is. And you go onto their forums and wonder at the complaints from users with stable single cpu systems. There is no amount of money you could pay me to install Steinberg s/w on a DAW. Never have in the past until the Nuendo experiment and NEVER will again.

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