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VSTi monitoring problem

Guest tF

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ok, now i've decided to try how samplitude handles vsti playback/ monitoring.

and i seem to experience some problems.

i'm using audigy es card with creative asio driver, P4 cpu.

1. when ("midi thru active" is disabled) and ("software fx monitoring" is enabled)

and (samplitude is not playing) -

i can't hear "clicked notes" when i click them.

2. when ("midi thru active" is enabled) and (samplitude is not playing) -

i can hear "clicked notes", but samplitude runs out of sync with audio.

3. i can never hear clicked notes

using wdm / mme (instead of asio) driver. ;)

to be short: i can't hear clicked notes when samplitude is not playing.

is it a bug? or is there some sort of solution?

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Guest Guest
what do you mean by "clicked notes"?

Kind Regards


i don't have a midi keybord, i'm using mouse & pc keyboard to trigger notes

in midi editor. btw, i've already found a solution (sort of):

1. you have to enable "midi record" of the track

2. set monitoring to: "software fx monitoring"

3. set "midi thru" to disabled

i guess that isn't very convenient:

you could accidantely overwrite midi data of one track while recording the other.

but it works...

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