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VSTi's info gone when open

Guest Guest_punkrockdude

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Guest Guest_punkrockdude

I made a project with a couple of audio tracks and one midi track with the drum sampler LinPLUG RM IV inserted on it.

I wrote a song, adjusted some things, setup all the drum sounds to be triggered. Later I wanted to go to bed, so I saved the project.

Then, the next day, when I opened my project, it wouldn't load my RM IV VSTi!!!

Instead of showing "*RM IV" in the first effect slot on the midi channel, it said something like "jjjjjjjjjjj".

What is the matter? What do I have to do to make the program save the VSTi settings and the VSTi itself in the project?

Now I have to configure all the settings all again...

Best Regards


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Guest Guest
Come on, someone please help out.

I'd re-check the Vst paths in system "Y",......reselect it. OR,...if it is ok,...unslect it,...close Samp,...then open and re-select the path. (locations where vst/vsti are)

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