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Unable to record VSTi

Guest Jeff

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I'm experimenting with VSTi's for the first time with a Digidesign 001 using Digi's ASIO driver v 6.1.1. I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I hear the vsti though the headphone jack of the 001 fine when I click on the graphical keyboard (Wavestation) in Korg's Legacy Collection but nothing is being recorded to the track. I've setup the track up to record midi, chosen the appropriate vsti as well as the vsti outputs (vsti: 1:WAVESTATION (1+2) but no signal ever makes it to the track. My soundcard is a Soundblaster Live Platium Edition (5.0). I read and re-read the documentation but can't seem to find out where the problem is. Here is what track information yields:


Output ASIO Digidesign Driver (1+2)

Record ASIO Digidesign Driver (1+2)


Playback Dev: VSTi 1: WAVESTATION

Record Dev: SB Live! MIDI UART ( only device that shows in this pulldown)

Playback/Thru parameters

In Chan. all Out Chan. all Midi Thru active checked or unchecked doesn't make a difference


File Default01.WAV REC MIDI

Track name: S: 1

Please help me solve this! Could this be an issue with my soundcard?

Thank You,

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