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I am an idiot

Guest Guest_Tom Lauten

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Guest Guest_Tom Lauten

Hello all.

I have used editing programs before including video editors, Cubasis, Performer etc, but I'll be damned if I can get the most basic imported wav file to play in samplitude 2496 producer 6.0!!!!!

I can see the wave form, set the cursor, edit levels but I cant get the darned thing to play or even scroll, let alone output sound. I know the sample is good.

I am obviously missing something SO basic it doesnt seem to be covered in the most rudimentary help topic! I cant get ANY transport function at all!

I am beyond frustrated...PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;);)

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Guest Mr freeze

Check your audio settings "Y" and "P" for playback settings dialog.

What type of file is it? What type of sound card you using?

I'cve had this thing happen as well,...but only when using RME card/Samplitude and DigiCheck software. It seemed to lock up my playback when closing one or the other (I forget) Closing all then reopening ,...it worked again.

Mr freeze

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