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Samp 7.0 Pro Out of synch, hangs..name it...


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I recently went out and purchased this product b/c a guy I collaborate with (e-collab) uses this proggy, so it made sense to buy the samp program and exchange VIP's, via FTP.

Anyways, I have it up and running and all I basically use it for at this time is to receive files I've tracked onto my Roland VS1824, via spidf IN, in 24bit form. The capturing goes without a hitch, got that all figured out but here's my major beef: Say I have 3 tracks that I've transferred into Samp (bass 2 gits for e.g.) I line them up via the clik tracks (identical on every track) and press play and everything is fine until some arbitrary time in the song where Samp appears to want to play the tracks, WAY out of sync! Sometimes they'll go out and then return back to sync? What the heck is that ? ;)

On top of that, I'll get little skips and glitches where the PB of the track(s) will just hang for a split second. I've check my resources and they're fine, never over 10% usage. Now there is one thing, but this shouldn't be a big deal. I have an Audigy 1 24bit s/c and an M-Audio 2496 Audiophile. I've set them up for :2496 to except recording (spdif) and the Audigy provides playback. This may sound weird but having both cards is for neccessity as I need the Audigy for capturing DV via the f/wire port. I don't have another f/wire port on my system, so I need it.

My system is as follows: ASUS A7V333 (VIA Hyperion chipset), 512MB Corsair PC2700CAS2,GeForce2 32mb v/c, Audigy 1 24 bit s/c, M-Audio 2496 Audiophile.

XP Pro, all svc packs, updates.

Not the greatest system, no but more than adequate to handle the simple task of (3) tracks..What gives here? I've checked the track speed settings and set my cache to be the most forgiving - I've tried all sorts of settings and nada, no change...

I like the interface and the program, in principle but at this point, it is literally useless to me in it's current "working" state, so I sure could use some help here.

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Guest_CaZBO

hardly "cracked" better not be for $1K .. ;) I don't go to forums in general as I'm proficient with manuals and such and I just googled this one.

Turns out it was a conflict between my s/c's..


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