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Delay in Samplitude simple actions

Guest Ivo

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after working in PTLE in Nuendo (and 100% happy) I start exploring Samplitude demo and it seems to be really very solid professional system suitable form my purpose (recording acoustic music). Playing with the demo I am howver a bit perplexed about one thing: although I have it on my full power music computer, there is always kind of delay in very basic actions (volume, pan, plugin settings - especially if moved not very slowly) - the changes do not come smoothly but in kind of slightly delayed jumps. Is it normal ? When I try Nuendo or ProTools on the same computer , they behave absolutely smoothly and normally ... (??)

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Guest Guest

theres 2 buffer sizes to check, the internal samplitude buffers (aka VIP BUffer) and soundcard buffer..i'd check both of those, one is proably quite large...assuming you are using ASIO can can proably set that to 128, or at least 256, and the other youll ahve to play with a bit, i havent tried changing the defaults

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