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Weird behaviour when overlapping regions

Guest Ivo

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I am very much confused by the following thing:

If for example I have a short region in one track and want to place it in the middle of another region in another track, it will not just appear in the middle of that track and keep the rest of it as it is, just replacing that small part (as I would normally expect), but whatever is on the right from that small region, simply disappears. When I put the small region back from the bigger, the rest of the bigger track again appears. That´s strange. Similar thing is when I want to put a part of a region over another region (overlapping), the region I am moving will not come over a region (will not cover the given part), but will go BEHIND it. And when it is completely behind, whatever is past it in the region I wanted to cover, disappears (however long it is). When I shift the moving region back, it again appears. How to make any reasonable editing in this way ??

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