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One last try w/ MCU question


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So really the only deal-breaker I'm seeing right now, as far as switching over to Samp., is the fact that I just can't get it to play nice w/ my Mackie Control.

I'm loving everything else I see here...but I already have $ invested in my hardware, and will probably have to pass if I can't figure this out. I'm really hoping someone can talk me down, here...

The problems I'm having w/ the Mackie: NONE of the control buttons do what they should...I've read through the Support Feature List on the website, and it tells me my Mackie will do all the things I need it to, yet it won't. Only one button appears to do anything...I think it's the "Redo" button...and for some reason that opens and closes the Mixer window. I also can't get Samp. to send anything to the LCD on my Mackie XT...sliders work, but the LCD stays blank.

Both my Mackie and XT are up to newest firmware. I've had zero problems in other apps. I found that if I boot my MCU as a Logic control, some of the buttons start to work...but the sliders are then useless...plus it won't then support an XT.

Is this a problem with the demo version? Is there a MCU update in the support area that I just can't get to without buying first? Or is the Mackie support in Samp. just really screwed up, in which case I should hold off and check back when v8 is released?


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