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Nuendo 2 user with Q's, AES31 and more Q's.

Guest Basic Pitch

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Guest Basic Pitch

Greetings all,

As states I currently use Nuendo for composition/editing, I do not have any major issues with the software but I have found myself doing alot more on the audio front these days than so much with midi, well more so in the context of all my midi work is burned to audio and tracks mixed from there instead of automating midi and audio at the same time.

I am considering trying another platform, it surely hurts to even consider this seeing as how expensive Nuendo is, but there CS and update policy is as slow as mollases and after all this time many people suffer from many issues. I am planning to download the 7.21 demo this evening and seeing how samp feels but a few quick questions if I may.

- Seeing as how Samp 8 is supposed to be more geared towards the midi front, would it be worth while to purchase a x-grade to ver.7 now and pray for a free upgrade to 8?

- Does Samplitude 7 support AES31 file extensions atleast (export).

- Does Samplitude support "rewire?".

- Learning curve: How would rate the difficulty of learning the editing tools of this software and being able to work comfortably?

- ASIO support, any known issues with this as this seems new to version 7? I use 2 cards, a Lynx Two and a Creamware ScopePro (15DSP) via adat lightpipe for its routing abilties.

- Wave editing, how is the built in editor? I use Wavelab.4 for editing aswell as its ability to burn redbooks, how does Samp stand up, and would I be better off still editing in WL.4 and mixing in Samp?

- Updates: How is Magix in this department, this is a big one, as I am sure many know Steinberg has left a bad taste for many in this regard.

- VSTi & PDC support, is this an after thought or is there propper implementation, I most use DSP plugs as I have UAD-1, Powercore & the Scope card, so this is important.

- Does V.7 have controler lanes for editing midi data & CC's or is this handled differently.

- How is the stability of the engine? One thing that drives me nuts in Nuendo is when you create a new midi or audio track Nuendo's audio engine stops for a moment and then picks up, but 9 out of 10 times throws all midi and audio out of sync. Is this also a problem in Samp? Steinberg says this is due to PDC.

- How many stereo tracks could one expext to be able to run on a P4 3.2c with 1G of Crucial DDR400 PC3200, using mostly DSP effects and some VSTi's at a buffer of say 7ms (256) before pops and clicks?

- Crossfades: Is the transitions smooth in Samp and is this function easy to use? In Nuendo there is a bug that plagues many and induces pops and clicks which causes many uses to not be able to even use fades, this is not good for a tool that cost USD:1300.00 and is supposed to be marketed for the pro user base.

To be completely honest I am for the most part fine working in Nuendo, but I am not a fan of being held under the gun by them, they have rather poor support and if not for the user base on there public forums many people would be totally lost, if version 8 comes thru on there midi implementation I would be possibly interested in making a switch. As far as audio I have read most people feel the sonic qualities are virtually the same, so for me its going to come down to functionality and stability, Ill let ya know how the demo goes for me this evening.

Thanks for your time and information.


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Guest Guest
- Does Samplitude 7 support AES31 file extensions atleast (export).


Wave editing, how is the built in editor?

Thats the most funny thing. The multitrack project window is your wave editor with endless possibilities. To get an impression: load a wave in a track and doubleclick it in the lower half, to open the object editor.

Does Samplitude support "rewire?".


- Crossfades:


How many stereo tracks could one expext to be able to run on a P4 3.2c with 1G of Crucial DDR400 PC3200, using mostly DSP effects and some VSTi's at a buffer of say 7ms (256) before pops and clicks?

Enough. A problem is the realtime monitoring with internal effects and plugins. This works not so smooth. Monitoring without effects works fine.

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Ok just installed the demo and all I can say is wow do I feel lost, there is nothing familliar at all hehe, they should provide some sort of basic tutorial to help users get the feeling of what ya can do in samp from a basic stand point. Ok well new questions ;)

1) Can I record midi from a keyboard (controler)? It seems every time no matter how I set that track up it tries to record as an audio file, I have switched the track from audio record to midi record and it does not change it just keeps trying to record as audio.

2) I am really confused here, in the options I directed my VST folder from Nuendo all went well, now I see all my plugs in samps input to I set the output device to lets say Powercore Virus, it asks me if I want to load aditional audio tracks for each output, but for this test I say just load the one for now. Now I goto the input marker and change that to reflect my device "Midex8/1", now since I have no idea how to set the midi channel I then went into track info and set the playback to the channel I want to run that specific midi from and no luck, I get no sound, but, if I click on a VSTi that has a keyboard I get sound, so it seems I am unable to figure out how to connect my midi device to VST device, any tips?

3) Looping: I am just trying to set a small 4 bar loop, I dragged the mouse along the time lime and it shows grey the amount I want to loop, but, how do I get it to snap to the grid so I can get an even loop?

Aside from those small things to get me started I am mainly just poking around, though I will say I am getting the feeling that aside from new features in ver.8 this version seems clearly to be focused on audio editing and composition as an after thought, maybe the strong app for multi-tracking. I know I can use Nuendo to do my midi work and then import the audio bounces to be mixed in Samp, but what I am hoping is that version 8 really steps up to plate with midi/composition features.

I am just starting out and very confused, please bare with me, but I think once I get the feel for whats going on, I will be able to make a better decision based on a more hands on experience.

I want to load some audio loops and see how midi is handled along side, but 1st I need to figure out the 1st few questions, basically how to write/record midi data and how to load vst instruments aswell as set the midi properties for that channel properly hehe.

Thanks again for your time.


[EDIT1] One other question, upon loading 24 bit audio tracks I am getting massive hissing in the track, I have checked my ASIO connections and done everything I can with out a manual, I tested these files in Wavelab and Nuendo they are clean as could be yet in Samp they have a huge amount of hissing, is this a demo limitation?

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Guest epytryga

for vsti use...you must be in asio mode with software monitoring chosen...

click on the "speaker" icon on the track so it turns blue...

now you're set to play you vsti in real time...if you want to change the midi channel you can do it two ways...via clicking on the track name and selecting it from the pop up...or (the reall cool way) on a per object basis in the object editor...you can have a track changing midi channels object by object this way in the same track...it's slick...

remember: when you want to freeze the track...to disengage the vsti and render audio...you must turn of the blue speaker icon....

Kind regards


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Thanks for the replies so far,

Maybe the reason I do not hear any midi playback when I try VSTi's is like you said how I have my monitoring -playback set. I basically run two cards, a LynxTwo aswell as a Creamware ScopePro (15 DSP) card for routing and such, I had set the ASIO to the Scope card. Now I run a Midex8 as my midi interface, I had Samp set to input Midex 1 which is what my controler is routed thru, and had the Virus pluggin set up but heard nothing, I did import a midi track and was able to hear playback, but I could not control and midi data myself, odd, also at one point the GUI of the Virus was blank just a red background, must be a VSTi issue in samp, I am hoping they really step this up ib version 8.

Providing I can figure out how to get propper playback, please explain how I arm a track to be a midi track if its more than just changing the record from Audio to Midi and lciking the blue speaker? No matter what I tried I was unable to write midi data, this I need to know.

Also is Version 8 going to offer real midi controler lanes? For automation of CC's, Mod, Pitch, Sustain, Breath etc etc plus the abilitiy to add custom lanes for what ever functions you need? If I am understanding correct, right now the only control can be panning and volume?

Thanks again,


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Guest epytryga

If you have more than one midi device or input port....make sure you have the correct one selected....

I have several midi inputs...and from time to time I forget to select the right one...and I'm like, "hey...where's the sound???!!!"./...oopsie...yes...wrong midi input port selected

It sounds like you've got things set up right...just check to make sure that under "MI" the correct input port is set...for your keyboard

Kind Regards


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