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Can Sam apply FX on record?

Guest Still Looking Good

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Guest Still Looking Good

Hi again. Reading between lines, think Sam 8 will support uc-33. will verify when demo out (but if anyone does know, love to hear).

Question: In Sam, can one easily record fx to disk eg EQ, dynamics, plugins, or only apply to playback? Again apols. if everyone but me knows answer!



PS Should I be asking this stuff elsewhere? Or should I be rtfm; if so...where is it please? duhh.. well it is the newcomer forum


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first of all I think it is possible...


There is absolutely no advantage to committing effects while recording.


If you think you want to avoid peaks on your converters with dynamics it doesn't work that way. conversion takes place before any audio proccesses take place.

If you think you are going to conserve CPU... the answer is freeze. Even pre-freeze (which I still am) I would rather bounce effects to conserve cpu and still have the original file available for any adjustments that need to be performed.

Why commit to an effect in the process of recording when you can keep the effect you used during recording upon playback, but be able to modify it at any time?



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Guest Wombat

Well, it's refreshing to hear someone who's really, really sure about something! And your opinion is interesting.... you have valid points of course. It almost makes one wonder why another software manufacturer's recent implementation of this facility was so well-received.

I guess we all have different ways of working; indeed there are some who like to make bold decisions and commit themselves to a particular sound on a given track early on in the piece, and will happily burn their chosen treatment to tape, disk, or whatever. Perhaps it's to save resources on the mix, perhaps they just 'know what they want'.

In an interview with the late Gus Dudgeon, he mentioned that he enjoyed working this way, and would even ride the faders on record, if he knew that certain dynamic changes were going to be an essential part of the mix he envisaged. I doubt that it was because he was unable to use the automation ;)

"Chacun à son goût" as mayhap they used to say in the Chateau.

Cheers and all the very best,


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