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Is the remix/slice agent the same as Audio Warp?

Basic Pitch

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Just for clarification, the New SX3 iwill have: "Audio Warp": Realtime Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting offer extensive new audio editing and processing capabilities, including ACID® File support: loops automatically adopt a project’s tempo; audio files can follow tempo changes in realtime.

I am guessing they ripped of samplitudes remix/slicing agent and a portion of the elastic audio ideas? I am still so on the fence to crossgrade to v8 from Nuendo, Steinbergs customer dealings have really just pulled my last nerve with there upgrade policy.

Also how is Samplitude in the update areas, are they timely? do bugs stay in the software for ever untill enough people whine or does this company listen to their customers?

I know I sound harsh a bit, but before I shell out 600.00 for a crossgrade I dont want to end up in the same situation I am in now, which is unhappy with a companies practice.

Any v8 guys out there care to comment aswell on how the new midi features are working out?


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Samplitude has realtime timestretching and pitchshifting since years. Elastic audio is a new technology in V8, wich allows the automation of pitch changes on the object level. Works also with multitimbral audio in the relative mode (choir!).

Object start points can follow tempo changes (since 7.2).

Remix/Slice agent is another thing: It detects the tempo of a file, set beatmarkers and/or cut it to objects. It can apply the arrangement tempo to the object tempo (with Timestretching/Resampling and/or audio quantisation) or apply the object tempo to the arrangement (global or create a tempo map). It can create bar markers or quarter markers in the current range. Tempo and bar information can be saved in the audio file.

Finally it can create "remix" objects, align the objects to the arrangement s bar grid (audio quantization) with resampling for small corrections. There are options, to create loop objects (like in Acid), for grouping and object crossfades.

Updates with features are timely - in V7. 7.1 came with freeze and VST automation. 7.2 with tempo mapping, new midi editor and a hundred other small things. Check the list in the readme.rtf file in the installation folder (don´t know for the demo).

Samplitude has some weak points (cycle recording/take managment), but they say, it´s on the list.

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Realtime Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting offer extensive new audio editing and processing capabilities

I don´t believe, they "invented" realtime for the MPEX algorithm. If they use the old timestretch algorithms now in realtime, it will sound crappy.

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