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no audio in playback


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I am not able to hear back what I have recorded. When I hit play I get the following message:

Cannot open waveform output device Yamaha AC-XG WDM Audio!


The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated. Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported formats.

a) Does anybody know how I can remedy this? and...

Though the signal gets recorded I do not hear anything coming through the headphones. The set-up is: minidisc to external soundcard to laptop. I hear nothing from the external soundcard socket or the laptop headphone jack but I definately see signal going in. Any ideas?

Thank you...J

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Hi John,

I'm not a specialist..because of the language...but lets trie

First I think that the Yamaha WDM belongs to the the Laptop..at least my has one

like this.

So maybe you check out ...

Second ..what extern Soundcard you use

Third...This error message you will have when the driver is not correct or

ore its a wrong used driver

Trie to use WDM driver in SAM

As a shortcut you hit y and there at the popup you use WDM multichannel

I hope this helps

Next...hit as a shortcut r in this dialog you can set the playback

Best Regards

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