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"Skips" on playback in Samp Master 6.0


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Help! I recently built a pretty nice computer for the studio (2.8 GHz P4, ASUS mobo, 1 GB Dual DDR RAM) and installed an RME DIGI 96/8 PAD soundcard, which came bundled with Samplitude "Master" 6.0. I got it up and running tootsweet, and actually mixed a record to it with great results. Last week I started demo mixes for the next record. The first two went fine.

Last night, all my mixes started "skipping". Randomly. Huh? I have maybe 1 GB of audio (and nothing else) on a 160 GB drive. CPU performance ranges from 3% up to 20% or so when the skips occur.

Mind you, everything I've ever done on this computer is a one-track (stereo) mix with NO effects. The only edits are a single fade per song. I honestly couldn't imagine easier files for Samp to work with.

I messed with buffer sizes. I messed with "TrackSpeed". Nothing worked.

Any thoughts? Could I need a defrag on a hard drive with 99% free space available?

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any plug-ins not used on other projects?

other projects still open and play fine?

do you have a seperate hard drive for OS/programs, etc? Meaning are you strictly using that hard drive for audio files?

any other configuration changes such as OS service packs, installed programs, internet use, etc...

do you have incremental back-ups that you can go back and check? (if no on this one, change your work habits... you will someday be glad you have a hundred copies of a project all in different stages of developement).

On the buffer reading that you see while a project is playing back, does it show errors?

By the way, if you only have the one hard drive, go get yourself a fast 8mg buffered 60 gig drive for your OS and programs. Back up any important data. check your back-ups to make sure they are legit. Wipe that drive clean and reinstall everything on your new smaller drive. If your 160 gb drive doesn't have a large buffer and isn't 7200 rpm's use that drive for your OS and programs and files and get a fast large buffered drive for your audio projects.

Good luck,


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Guest Guest_jimmyjazz

I'll check for updates. I've started some of the "tweaks" they talk about on musicxp.net, to no avail (yet).

All the buffers are as set by the factory. The buffers never get close to "max".

I have a 40 GB drive for OS/apps and a 120 GB Western Digital 7200 rpm drive for audio files. Nothing else is on the audio drive. It's practically empty itself -- maybe 30 one-track (stereo) mixes.

Thanks for the help . . .

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Well, I "fixed" the problem, but I'm skeptical (to say the least). Here's what I did, in order:

* set apps to run in background mode

* installed 6.05 patch

* defragged the hard drive

* went for highest playback stability in TrackSpeed dialog

Nothing worked until the last thing I did. This is version 6.0 Master, so I presume it is somewhat disabled in terms of the TrackSpeed utility. Anyway, it's cool now, but I have to wonder -- am I wasting my time doing the upgrade to V8 Pro here in the near future? If it took all this to get a simple one-track (stereo) file with no plugins to play correctly, how in the hell am I gonna mix 24 (mono) tracks with all kinds of plugins?


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I´am running V8 fine and stable with sometimes up to 60 tracks and lots of effects. You can try it on your system with the v7.2 demo from www.samplitude.com. If it works for you, I´am sure v8 will work also.

The trackspeed thing seems optimized for multi track situations and does not really work in your v6 win 98 years master version with only one stereo track.

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