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When can we expect V8 ?

Guest Kraznet

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Guest Kraznet

I guess the delay will allow them to fix any bugs discovered in the German version . I hear that they are also taking great care translating the manual as well.


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Guest Magix Music Maker 2005

Very stange to see in french tha "Magix Music Maker 2005" has a lot of new feature V8 of Samplitude.

I could bought it just for less of 59.99 Euro.

Make Music

* Multi-track & live arranger, multi-track mixer

* NEW!Overview mode for fast, precise project navigation

* Song Maker: Entire arrangements with a click

* NEW!MAGIX Robota - sensational analog drum machine

* NEW!One-click Loop Selection - rapid sound selection

* NEW!MAGIX Vocal Tuner - corrects vocals automatically

* NEW!Virtual instrument automation

* NEW!Remix Agent for original remixes

* IMPROVED!MAGIX Vocoder - real-time-capable

& with live input

* MORE!14 simultaneously-usable virtual instruments

* 15 real-time effects, reverse, surround, normalize

* MIDI editor - import, play and edit MIDIs

* IMPROVED!Global timestretching & pitchshifting

Import / Export

Plug-ins: DirectX™- and VSTi™**- (1 instrument / track) support

MORE!Import/Export: WAV, AVI, WMF™, QuickTime™,

MP3 (MP3 Demo Encoder with 20 free runs) and OGG Vorbis

Import: Audio CDs*, MIDI files

Export Real™ Media

Info @:



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Guest GTBannah

So, fellas,

I hope ROBOTA Pro the first, and not the only, virtual instrument to be added to SAMP. :D

The soft synths in music Maker and Music Studio look interesting.

Given the quality of the SAMP technology, I'm sure you guys would make some pretty awesome synths .... Slurp! :D

I'm sure Sacha would be willing to help. That guy is slick. B)

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Guest Kraznet

Things I will miss from Logic are the Virtual Instruments particularly the EVP88 (rhodes /wurlitzer emulation) and the EVB3 (hammond emulation) and also the tempo synced FX. It's obvious Magix are trying to make inroads into the Logic/Cubase/Sonar userbase although I think that alot of the hardcore Samplitude users would prefer it remained niche product . In a way i like the fact that the Samp GUI is a bit more sober in design but if the take up on V8 is considerable I would imagine/hope Magix will be happy to listen to suggestions from new users .


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Guest GTBannah
WAV. But keep in mind, this is not a sampler. It´s a virtual drum machine with step sequencer, like the old Roland/Yamaha boxes.

That's O.K. We'll just save our favourite sounds as wave files and load them in .... B)


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