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midi sync in samp

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I'm trying to write a piece that has midi drums. I programmed the drums on my drum machine and I'm sending the midi data into samp on track 1. I'm somewhat new to midi and syncing things up. I have another track that I want to record that will be assigned a softsynth with an arpeggiator on it that plays in time to the project tempo. So, I set my project tempo to 112.

Do I need to do anything to make sure that the drum machine's midi that it's sending in is in sync with samplitude? Since the softsynth plays in time with the project, there's nothing that I have to do there to get that to sync up right? Can anyone provide any pointers on getting samplitude's sync / midi options set up? I'm running a layla sound card and using it's midi in for my midi data. Thanks.

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