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unfreeze doesn't work

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I've frozen three vsti tracks and after recording a bunch of other audio tracks, I noticed that I needed to edit a drum part on the vsti tracks. I went to unfreeze them all and only 1 would unfreeze and show me the midi data. The other two after about 8 attempts to unfreeze, still show the wav data. What's strange is if I right click the file and go to freeze objects, the unfreeze option is not available. But, if I go to my track drop down, the unfreeze is available. Any idea what else I could try?

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I just did this yesterday,.. it worked for me,..but I was only unfreezing one track (Drums bus)

What I do ...and although it's not recommended by Sampdev,..you can "save-as" (xxx000.VIP > xxx001.VIP > xxx002.VIP etc. etc. before you do major changes.

So,..if I have 24 tracks,.. going to 8 buss's,...I get as good a mix as possible (SAVE and then Save AS) then freeze the buss's, delete the original tracks and save.


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