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Recording multi-channel VST instruments

Guest Len

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I am using Samplitude v7.2 Demo. I can set up four tracks for SampleTank or Hypersonic and set them to different VSTi outputs and assign them to separate MIDI channels. The first track (MIDI 1, VSTi Output 1) monitors and records correctly. But when I try to record the second track (MIDI 2, VSTi Output 2) I must force monitor the track to hear it, and then MIDI 1/VSTi Output 1 plays back during record with the MIDI 2/VST1 Output 2 sound. Also force-monitored tracks 3 and 4 cause track 1 to playback with whatever sound is being force monitored. This is not workable for anyone who uses multi-channel VST instruments extensively. Has this been fixed in V8? I really want to buy Samplitude V8 but I must know whether this has been addressed (hopefully in V8).


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Guest rodolfo


That was also an important subject for me.

Before purchasing Samplitude v8 (today), I decided to search for the cracked german version to try all the stuff I was not shure of. Multichannel vst instruments support was one of those. I tried it and I think the problem is solved.

As I told in the other message, now you can use sampletank with no monitoring assign problems (I have Sampletank 2 XL -original version - and use it a lot).

I had problems trying to freeze the tracks individually. When I freeze track 1 (in midi ch 1) Sampletank is "unplugged" from the track so the other tracks (and midi channels) don't have the instrument availabe anymore. But that is another problem, that I will think about when v8 (original) arrives. v8 is really amazing.


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