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Please help me! :(

rick dangerous

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Hey guys. I am a newbie at samplitude and now i got a big!! problem...

My band recorded in studio, but didnt get time to mix it at the studio.

So i am supposed to do it here at home, borrowing my friends computer with samplitude.

The project with the wav's all together takes about 20gb (alot of takes, etc).

So i opened the project, but samplitued asked me about rebuilding graphic cause it was not up to date.

I searched the help nfo, but didnt find anything USEFULL about the rebuilding.

so i pressed rebuild graphic. I dont know if that is what has caused this problem..

However, Now EVERY wav file with the original material has all of a sudden the lenght of 2 hours and every file is about 2 gb each!!

i guess samplitude somehow made the wav files (after the original material) as long as the project itself.

I dont know what caused this, but now the project is about 220 gb!!

the HD is a 250gb.

This causes a crash almost everytime i open samplitude..


most appriciated!!

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I take it you're using version 7.21

That one has a terrible bug (well known in the official forums - the worst in samps history) called the "cancer bug".

It can cause 24bit wavs to grow uncontrollably with a noise burst at the end of the original audio and then artificial "silence" further on. It can get worse for every opening.

But dont panic, you can rescue your project.

My suggestion is dont do anymore with 7.21 at all. Get 7.23(hopefully a registered version this time :o , and fix the grown wavs with wave-editing.

(just delete the excess space at the end - timeconsuming but quite doable)



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well this sucks alot of ass!? if i delete them by hand, it takes forever to make an 'undo'. and theres no chanse of switching that off, is it. and if i exit samplitude and open it again, wouldnt it just make more noise behind it then? ah geez... If thats you Ravnaberg Eirik, i hope you enjoyed that picture Geir sendt you:P however, theres alot of Eirik's out there...


aha. found the 'stop undo' button:P well, this is going to take like a life-time. 421421421 takes, and exam coming up! WEHO

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