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Where can Newbies go for help on deciding to buy?

Guest miguel

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For me purchasing Samplitude Pro is a signifcant cost. There are certain limitations, particularly resources to ask newbie support questions like, "How do you get this darn thing to stop at the end of the song?". I got a ton of these and cannot take the chance of spending this much money before knowing if these issues can be resolved.

If I can not ask for help here, does anyone know of any public support groups? I have read the FAQs but they do not deal directly with my issues.


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Guest GTBannah

Some will be with you shortly .... sounds like you're waiting to be seated at a restarant? :ph34r:


Try this forum. The folk are very supportive ....



Check this:


I'm getting my feet wet with this until release time. Not a bad investment, right? :o

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Once you buy Sam there is a TON of help in the registered user section. NO ONE beats the Sam Dev team for help! Between all the pro engineers on the site 2 and 3 times a day, passing great info back and forth and the development team, your head will want to explode with all the info availible.

You won't be disapointed!!


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