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VST2.0 and DXi integration

Guest Don

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Hello all. Question on V8, (or if i am clueless, V7.22)

ok, so VST2.0 and DXi....Is it me or does sam SUCK at intergration w/ these plugin protocols?

I crash all the time. I can get B4 to work well, but halion and T-tracks, and wave arts DX (VST ok) and timeworks master eq and...on and on

HOW bout' this senario...

say.. 10 tracks, 70%cpu, 35% disk


+ 8 mixed plugs (VST/DX) in one track chained pre and post, shifting plugin order while track is playing..GOD, i can just hear the source code pissing itself... :o

CRASH MONSTER. BUT i still love sam. what is this caustic relationship? BTW, if anyone wants to hear my music, it was ALL done on SAM.....www.chunkrockrecords.com/donbosse

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what are you guys tlking about? All im saying is moderate plugin use, moderate track data..

the point is why sam h8s plugin shifting on the fly and is so picky about what vsti's it will work with it...

Specs: XP, P4 3gig, 2 gig ram, RAID 5, dakota 24I/O, Tascam DM-24

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