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Automation, DXi, VST2.0, and a plug...

Guest Don

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First, a shameless plug for my own music, if only to show i'm serious about recording...

(criticism is a true friend)


ok VSTi works, mostly. What about VST2.0 and DXi?? HAlion Strings won't load its waves right. I can load some, not others....switch to software monitoring, and eh...it sounds so damn good, i just can't WRITE harmony/split orchestral sections with it under sam. Sampletank. Nope. T-racks DX freaks AISO under sam. Waves VST shell, wait five min to auth. ::head in hands:::back to Cubase? Ugh. Makes me just want to go back to only tracking live instruments; stay within the organic realm because I KNOW SAM. I bought it back in the day. Im talking V4. Still have the 1.5mb disk. :o

Don't we all hate losing our work due to crashes? I've gotten into the habit of saving every time I add or remove a plug, a vsti, switch realtime plugin order, ect ect. an that is just NOT acceptable. AISO has a sordid relationship with SAM. Why no true SMPTE intergration- sweep it under the rug and call it convert to MTC? What is that? ALSO Chase lock is a joke under heavy plugin load.

AND AND AND-_:ph34r:> MTC out does not steady stream under load. No lock; it's at the mercy of CPU/IO load, whenever my PC catches its breath... Consequently, I cannot activate automation features in my Tascam DM-24..

MAGIX I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU! ARE YOU OUT THERE? GIVE ME A JOB. ILL SWEEP FLOORS BY DAY, sign WHATEVER non-compete agreement you want me too, AND Read sourcecode/batching/ and become your dedicated engineer in no time. Peanuts first, Porsches later. I learn fast. I'll even uproot and move near your US headquarters. You need my help. And my ambition. And my love.

What VERSION will grasp the MIDI sequencing and plug intergration/stability of your competition? 10, 11, 12? ARGH!

I'd stay late every night until we get it right. Kick everyone off their stools and lose the hype. Sam COULD be awesome. Could crush PTools. But at this rate not for years...

:::eyes tear up:::

I wish I wrote code.


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