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VSTi receives no midi data

Guest cut

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hi there,

i tried several vst instruments with sam 8 and i can't get the plugins to receive any incoming midi data from my midi keyboard. i see the midi in light flashing in the control bar, and also midi information gets recorded into the track. playback of the recorded data through the plugin also works, but i can't get it to sound WHILE im recording.

- midi thru is activated, all channels

- midi track for plugin is in record state, monitor is activated (asio software monitoring)

- all outputs of the plugin are routed to one audio track, midi track is separate and corresonds to the plugin

while playing some midi data i can for example hit the keys on a B4 or minimoog and i can hear the sound besides the midi data played from the track. but no midi is received by the plugin from my keyboard.

can anyone help me ?


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