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I have downloaded the new demo at it looks great - I have tried to make a few short (under 1 min :lol: ) simple recordings and my question is:

If you have 4 guitar tracks recorded is it possible to playback those tracks and at the same time record them to other tracks within the same project - so if you have guitar on track 1-4 os it possible to record track 1-4 onto lets say 5-8???? Don't know if you understand :o

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Hi Hinz

Thanks for your reply!!

I was thinking if you send out the 4 guitar track to a mixer with lets say an analog compressor connected and then return the comped guitar tracks to Samplitude - can you the record the 4 comped guitar track within the same projects: That is: playback the 4 "raw" guitar tracks - the 4 tracks are send to the mixer/compressor - the 4 now comped guitar tracks are returned back to Samplitude and re-recorded in the same project..??

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Do you want to record each of the 4 tracks onto different tracks or just onto the same track? Because if your soundcard has 4 or more outputs and inputs, then you can do it onto different tracks.

Most soundcards treat the ouputs/inputs as stereo "pairs" where outputs 1 and 2 are the Right and Left for one stereo playback device. In other words, if your soundcard has 4 ouputs, then you will have 2 "stereo" playback devices.

You probably won't be able to assign each track individually to an output... So, in the Samplitude mixer, you'll need to assign guitar tracks 1 and 2 to the first playback device (whatever this is called for your soundcard, my Aardvark card's first playback device is called "Aardvark 1,2"). This will assign both tracks to outputs 1 and 2. Then you will need to pan guitar track 1 all the way to the left so that it is only going out the of ouput 1 on your soundcard. Likewise, you'll have to pan guitar track 2 all the way to the right so that it is only going out of ouput 2. Do the same thing for guitar tracks 3 and 4, assign them to the next output and pan them all the way right/left.

After you run them through your mixer/compressor etc... Then run them back to the 4 inputs and set them up to record onto 4 different tracks in Samplitude. Then press record. :o You'll probably have some latency in the new tracks, so you'll probably have to line the tracks back up by hand after you record them.

Hope that's what you're looking for. :lol:


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Guest Guest_olli

a simple i/o plugin with latency compensation (which logic has had for years) would be great. IMO, that´s the best way to use outboard gear. just place i/o in any plugin slot, use your outboard compressors, eqs or whatever when mixing, and bounce the whole mix. No need to print to disk in the middle. no additional tracks of same instruments, with and without otb fx.

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