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Changing tempo

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I'm trying to gradually speed up a recording (audio, not midi ) from 120 bpm to 140 bpm and would like to know if it's possible.

So far I've tried tempo markers, they work great but only on midi, can't get them to work on audio, am I doing something wrong?

Now I just grouped all the objects of the VIP and made a lot of splits, then went into the object editor and increased the tempo 1bpm per splitted object so it goes in 1bpm steps from 120bpm to 140 bpm.

This works but is a lot of work and still goes in little steps where i would like it to really go as smooth as possible.

Can elastic audio perform this task?

I figured that if you can slide the tuning up gradually, keeping the tempo the same, wouldn't it be just as easy to gradually increase the tempo but keep the pitch the same?

Hope somebody will be able to help me.



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Guest GTBannah

Can you scale "time compression"? I don't know. Depending on the type of track, whether vocal, horns etc, it may work, if the scalling is possible.

Failing that, you may have to "bite the bullet" and play the accellerando you want.

Oops, sorry .... :o

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You mean, you have a contious tempo change (run) over a range and want to adapt audio to this changes? I´am afraid, this is not possible. Even with MIDI notes, tempo changes only affecting the MIDI start (and end) trigger. If you change the tempo inside a long MIDI note, the played sample will not play faster. Maybe it will end sooner. Same with audio. You can timestretch a single part (=object in SAM) to a faster tempo, but no current audio sequencer can follow a tempo run inside this single object. Only whole objects are affected with one timestretch value (e.g. 110). If you want to stretch it continously to a dynamic tempo run, you have to create many objects and stretch them all to the current tempo in the run.

In case adapting audio to single tempo changes (e.g. 110 to 115) is easy. Have a look into Sams tempo mapping dialog and check the stretch option. Maybe you have to choose the best sounding timestretch algorithm for different objects afterwards, e.g. beatmarker stretching for drums.

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Guest Guest_MGB


Thanks for the advice so far.

I haven;t worked out yet if scaling the time compression is possible, I don't think it can be done.

Biting the bullet wouldn't be a problem for me, but it's a band recording and there's no change on getting everyone together soon.

So I was hoping I could just gradually speed up the track.

To get things clear, there's no Midi involved, it's just Audio.

I tried these two options so far; grouped all the objects ( one per recorded channel ) made a lot of splits and then gave every splitted group of objects a new tempo, 120bpm,121bpm,122bpm.......

And I did the same splits but then "timecompressed" every objectgroup coming after a split a little more.

Both work reasonably well but involve a lot of splitting and crossfading and isn't as smooth as I would like it to be.

Maybe I should just become better and quicker in doing it but I'm still hoping for a better and easier way.



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