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Some Elastic Audio Problems


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:o I have been experiencing some problems with Elastic Audio applications. After "tuning" a line, be it vocal, or instrumental, often ... all too often actually ... "crackling" noises can be heard during the playback of the WAV section of the Elastic Audio altered line! Does anyone here know of this problem, or has experienced it? If so .. any suggestions? Is it hardware or software related .. or a potential bug?

I'd appreciate any help available.

tenore tuo


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Guest Guest_Tekker

Yep, I had that same problem. The Elastic Audio eats up a lot of CPU power (look at your CPU levels in the lower left hand corner), so you can't play it with to many other tracks going at the same time. But once the actual version comes out, then we can use the Track Freeze on it and we won't have to worry about it anymore. :o


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