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Mackie Control with V8 Demo

Guest Lynx

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I'm trying to use my Mackie Contol & XT units with the V8 demo and I can't seem to get the scribble strips to show any info at all about track names etc.

The faders, V-pots & a few other functions seem to work (transport, jog) but the overall support kinda sucks even though there's a template preset for the Mackie Control & the XT units in the Midi Hardware setup dialog.

In Logic Control mode with the Logic Control template, the scribble strips receive the correct info but the rest of the support is again lacking and theres no Logic XT template.

This stuff works perfectly in Logic Mode with Logic 5.5.1 & in Mackie Mode with Sonar 4 on my rig.

Any one else getting this to work with Samp??

Hope this is a demo limitation or is fixed in 8.1 because the program pretty much kicks ass otherwise.


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Guest Guest_guest

I don't get scribble info on my XTs either....I emailed support about this when I demoed 7.2, and they said it was not yet supported...figured they'd get to this by v8, but when I tried the new demo, still no luck. Maybe 8.1? dunno...but lack of full XT support is definitely one of the very few things keeping me from moving my work over to Samplitude.

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