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Midi features in Samplitude V8

Guest Roy

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I've been playing with the demo of V8 and have a couple of questions regarding midi. I'm currently using cubase SX and want to know if there is a way to put some of the midi functions like quantizing on the main toolbar like in cubase. From playing with the demo, it seems like you have to go into the midi editor to do the majority of midi editing. Is that correct?


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Guest Guest_Tekker

You can quantize from the MIDI object editor, which is way faster to open and close than the MIDI editor window.

It looks like most of the MIDI editing is done from the MIDI editor, except for basic splitting and editing like a regular audio object. But as far as editing individual note values go, it looks like the MIDI window is the way to go. I could be wrong though, I don't really use MIDI but I just tried it messin' with it in the demo.... So don't hold me to that. :o


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Guest MikeG


I don't think you can do this. You can use the object editor and apply quantize in real time. I've been doing an extensive comparison between Nuendo 2 and Samplitude (demo). The samplitude midi features don't come out very well, despite there being improvements in version 8, however the audio quality and FX I've found to be far superior. I've been fed up with the poor support from Steinberg and don't see why I should pay them to fix bugs which should never be there in the first place. I understand that the Samplitude support is very good. Perhaps by setting out where I think the midi functionality could be improved, it might help me to move away from Steinberg altogether. I think it's inevitable that I will have to continue to use Nuendo for midi for the time being.



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