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V8 alloy skin suite

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Guest Guest_Tekker

I just found a thread in the official forum on these and they are going to be "pay" skins put out by Synthax. I don't know how much they are going to be but depending on the price, I'll probably just live with the normal ones or make my own if I feel up to it. :huh:


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Guest Jim Thiel

None of these links are working. Supposedly there's no support in this "unsupported" forum, but it seems someone is closing down the links as fast as they appear. Is there a reason for such that paranoia? I'd love to buy Samplitude, but unless information is gleened from the Samplitude Info Center and the demo, anything suggesting the name is either scurried away or tied up in a chastity belt. This paranoia does not foster goodwill, and before any nay sayers start with the "they have a right to protect their product..." garbage, no company has ever lost money to anyone who isn't going to pay for something. It's no wonder why this stuff is so expensive. The good people pay to keep the bad guys out, who get it anyway, and don't think they don't.

Now, if there's another reason for links to simple screenshots have been whisked away, please enlighten me.

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