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Safety film

Guest Klaus

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Guest GTBannah

Yeah, nicely done!

Was it scored in Samp?

Trying to see the connection to the forum, if there is one, or if there needs to be one, or if the "Off Topic" forum needs to be re-opened, or opened, if there was never an "Off Topic" forum, or .... well, somebody please add a few more options, or "ORs", or maybe's, or whatever you may want to call them, well, that is, "IF" you would want to call them anything, of course that would depend on whether or not it matters to you, in that case you would not bother to call them anything, which would raise the question as to, why it is that you don't want to call them anything, because there must be reason and a word that you would use to call them, so come on, man, you really need to call them something, if not, just answer the question, or questions .... :huh:

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