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Great resource! I definitely would have loved to have something like that when I first started with Samp. :huh:

The only correction I see is this one:

Q: When right-clicking on a track you can Minimize Track, Maximize Track, or Minimize None. But how do I put that track back to the normal size from a Maximized or Minimized state.

Currently you cannot.

Choosing "Minimize None" will actually put the track back to the original state. This can be done in previous versions... I assume you're using version 6?

Another thing you could also add is the major discount you can get by buying Samplitude Producer 6.0 for $150 and then upgrading to Samplitude Professional 8 for $400. This brings the total to $550 and cuts the cost almost in half from a grand. :lol:


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Given the lack of Samplitude info on the web, I have started to collect useful info on my site, the theatre of noise.

Lack of info...hmmm; hint hint, nudge nudge; someone feels they need to do it :huh: Thanks for the great resource, it may be one small step that helps me decide if my money is going where it should.

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