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Mr Sebastian Gabler thx again for the info,it was more than expected,but my question was more simple,ex:

what differs ( concerning "the engine" )from same project

JUST recorded on sam and seq?

JUST mixed on sam and seq?

JUST mastered on sam and seq?

ps:im not mentionning DDP Mastering, 4-Point Editing, Impulse response capturing......

thx in advance

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Guest sebastian.gabler


Ah, you mean horsepower, number of pots and Valves, and Vmax?

It's basically the same.

But the chassis and the tires are different.

Was that simple enough as an answer or another enigma? :huh:


Sebastian Gabler

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Guest GTBannah

I think he means:-

Is one cleaner; e.g. SONAR 2 vs SONAR 3

Is the code smoother; e.g it is said that Project 5 runs more smoothly than SONAR, inserting a plug-in in SONAR causes a slight glitch in the play-back while in priject 5 that doesn't happen, because the coding in project 5 is newer than SONAR .... that sort of thing :huh:

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What i have been told is that Samplitude and Sequoia, have the same exact audio engine. Sequoia jsut has a few more or extended features that arent found in samplitude. FOr example 12 Channels of sorround sound instead of 6 that u get with samplitude. And Sequoia supports sample rates up to 384 khz and other more high end features like that. So sound wise and inserting fx and stuff like that shouldnt really make a difference between the two. Hope that answeres ur question.

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