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Tempo/Time Signature Markers


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Hi there,

I have Samplitude Studio V6 and I am contemplating upgrading to V8.2 Pro. One of the (many) reasons will be for the tempo map which I desperately need.

I downloaded the V8 demo but seem to have a problem when entering time signature or tempo changes. For example, when I enter a tempo change on say bar 30, the program will change the value of the bar to a random no. either side of bar 30, e.g It does this without fail every time I try to enter a new tempo / time signature change which is extremely frustrating. It will also change the order of the tempo markers, e.g I might have 8 tempo changes in a song which I enter in order 1-8 however the program will display them on the list in a random order.

All I need to know really is if there is a fix for this or if anybody else has experienced this and knows of a workaround. I need this feature desperately and it is the only thing stopping me from upgrading. I tried reinstalling the demo but this doesn't change matters unfortunately.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi monkeypusher69,

Thanks for your post, once you brought my attention to locking the tracks I noticed that there was a box checked in the tempo/time signature markers screen which basically says only apply tempo/time signature changes to locked tracks (or something like that, it's on my other windows partition so can't see it now).

Once I unchecked that it worked without a flaw. 8.2 here I come....

Cheers for your help.

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Guest Sammie

Just wanted to say, "Samplitude ROCKS!"

Being an educator, I'm "financially poor" and unable to keep immediate pace with current upgrades. I sincerely trust a friend of mine who says Samp 8.2 by far out-performs any other competitive software out there. He's as critical as they come ... and absolutely LOVES Samplitude. I see myself getting 8.2 in the near future. It may mean low-grade dining for a while, but oh well. :huh:

Does Samp offer any discounts for educators??? :lol:

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