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Ok so i am attempting to record a guitar part. I have already inported a drum track that i would like to play along with. However when recording all i get is the metrone the other tracks wont play back?? Any suggestions. I have tried seeting the output of both tracks to the same, and i have also tried checking the playback while recording option in the the recording options dialog. However when i attemped both it would crash when trying to record. I'm guressing my computer/hardware can't handle the 32 bit, So i am gonna try doing my project at 16 bit, which is what i usually use in the past in other Applicatiosn, and see if that works. Just thought i would throw this out there to see if there were any other suggestions or things i should try.


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Guest sebastian.gabler

Turn on PunchIn Mode, Hardware Monitoring (using ASIO), Tape Monitoring Mode.

Can all be set in the Transport Console, aka TraKo.



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