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Samplitude and Apogee


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Hi All

Im VERY sersiously considering changing my whole studio setup and trying to go back to a more 'traditional' setup by using my PC primarily as a Hard Disk recorder and getting a large format mixing console (32 to 48 channels) to mix with etc. What id like to do is use 2 Apogee DA16x units with the X-Firewire cards so that I can have 32 simultaneous tracks out of the PC into the mixer. Ive been told by my local Apogee dealer that my PC and the DA-16x's should have no problems outputing that number of tracks, my question is would Samplitude also allow 32 track outputs at once, as well as several MIDI channels. I know that its not 'locked' to any specific track counts (like my Protools LE rig) but Im really keen to use Samplitude as it sounds so good and I think added to the apogee converters the sound will be amazing.

Secondly and un releated, is there a way to edit mulitple tracks at once? for argument sake i have 10 drum tracks where i need to erase a small section and slide the rest forward, so i need to cut all 10 and move them all together. Ive tried in the demo and cant do it (mind you in the demo i was trying with 3 tracks, but i also couldnt copy and paste tracks in the demo either).

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated


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Guest sebastian.gabler

Hello esynce,

The multitrack editing is pretty straight forward: draw a Range over all tracks, press CTRL+Delete, while you are in the normal Object Mode (default).

If you need further information, please read the section "Introduction to Object Based Editing" in the help file that comes with the demo. It is very highly recommended literature for Samplitude/Sequoia newcomers.

Now to your Interface question:

Let me first say, that this is a pure HW issue, basically free of influences by any OS or software.

It is a beauty of SamplitudePro and Sequoia, that you can have virtually unlimited I/O. Both applications will also work with any card that has a Windows or ASIO driver, regardless if this card is onboard AC97, ISA, USB, Firewire or PCI. For high track counts, a PCI audio card is however recommended. It is quite a load for a Firewire device to I/O more than 24 tracks, even only@48k. There is only one company that openly advertises this, and they claim that it needs FW800 to get it done.

You better use PCI attached MADI, ADAT or AES/EBU interface cards to achieve 24+channels of simultaneous I/O. Thus it can do the job at significantly less CPU overhead and lower latencies.

I would consider a statement that 32 ch. I/O over firewire are "no problem at all" being quite optimistic.

The PCI solution however will work on almost any PC you can get. It should be no problem to attach the converters with any of these digital audio interfaces I have mentioned above.

Cards you can use are: Soundscape Mixpander, RME HDSP MADI or HDSP9652, Lynx AES16, to mention only a few digital only PCI cards.

Best regards,

Sebastian Gabler

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....but i also couldnt copy and paste tracks in the demo either.

Copy the entire track or just an object?

To copy an entire track: Select the track you want to copy and go to the Track menu --> Copy Track(s)

Then to paste it, select Insert Track(s) from the Track menu.

To copy an object (or objects) there are a couple ways to do it, one is to select the object(s) you want to copy and go to the Object menu --> Cut Objects --> Copy Objects and to paste the object select Insert Objects from the same menu.

Another option to copy objects is to press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the object and drag it to a different location. You can also hold the shift key with the Ctrl key to keep lock it horrizontally so you can copy an object to another track without it sliding out of time.


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